The new studio EP from Nick Peay, Spectres.

"When You Can," The New Single From Nick Peay

During Louisville-based recording artist Nick Peay’s decade plus of putting out records, he’s constantly reinvented himself. Sometimes he’s the front man of a zombie themed rock band, sometimes he’s a ukulele-swinging Christmas songster. He even fronts a Beatles cover band for Abbey Road on the River, one of America’s largest Beatles tribute music festivals. But most often he’s the earnest singer-songwriter who is always trying to express himself, and reveal the truth behind the trappings.

Peay peels back another layer on his latest release “When You Can,” a Chicago-inspired five song single that charts the progress of one song from conception to completion.

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"[T]he beauty in his voice and gentle delivery of each note are,
in their own way, sheer, exquisite inspiration...
Sing on, Mr. Peay. We’re here for you."

- Michelle Manker
Louisville Eccentric Observer

"It’s rare to hear originality and honesty combined together these day in the business.
That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find both qualities
resounding through the music of Louisville’s Nick Peay."

- Keith Chachkes
Hot Indie News

“Nothing feels contrived or forced; more raw and organic...
The emotive songwriting and the simple, yet poignant musicality paired with tight production work make
["Feathers & Fables"] one damn good listen.”

- Christopher West
Skope Magazine

“The music is clean, goes down smooth, and the messages are extremely thought provoking and passionate in nature.
It’s strong suit – the deeply rich production value, amazing songs and strong vocal presence from Nick Peay
possesses enough musical talent and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous.”

- Cyrus Rhodes
The Muses' Muse

"Much like the ukulele, Peay is almost impossibly upbeat, and even his vocal delivery seems inherently bright.
In a time of the angst-filled and sexually-driven music on the airwaves,
this collection is a nice breath of fresh air."

- Kevin Gibson
Louisville Music News