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“In the society we live in, where everything is so homogenized, being unique is almost frowned upon,” says Peay. “I think things would be more interesting if everyone was who they were as opposed to being who they think people expect them to be. I’m just trying to express to people that it’s OK to be who you are.”

This is why in a Nick Peay song, you’ll find characters like the music-store clerk who can’t let go of his rock-star aspirations, or the symbolic blackbird who can’t seem to find his true home – these are individuals in whom his audience may find something vaguely familiar and resonant.

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The Value of a Song

The Value of a Song

My good friend, and label-mate, Jerry Dale Harris recently announced that he will be offering his new album (which comes out on October 28th) for whatever you want to pay for it, including not paying anything. Jerry is fantastic, and Read More

Sing Along For The Soul

The last few weeks have been crazy-busy. We’ve been in and out of town several times and had lots of commitments on our calendar. It was all fun and we really had a great time. But after so much on-the-go, Read More

Abbey Road on the River 2016

Abbey Road on the River 2016

This year’s Abbey Road on the River Festival, like every year’s, seemed to take forever to get here and then, before you knew it, it was over. It came and went faster than a two-minute pop song. But like every Read More authentic acoustic/rock sound in the spirit of bands or artists like Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Fray, Nick Drake, The Head And The Heart, Gin Blossoms…that kind of melodic-rock that sounds inviting and pulls you in easily through smooth-flowing verses and bright-choruses...

JER@SBS, SleepBagStudios

With a narrative that portrays the broadness of the topic rather than bogging down in specification and an organically produced rock sound that meets somewhere between the early reflections of Neil Young and Bob Dylan with the alternative 90's pop-leaning sound of Collective Soul and Fuel, Nick Peay and his band offer an impressive and impassioned musical story to take in.

Kevin Sellers, Music Emissions

The frenetic energy that is exhibited here takes up hints of Soul Asylum and Counting Crows, but these five efforts possess a greater thematic cohesion than any album we’ve heard this year.

James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine

It’s rare to hear originality and honesty combined together these day in the business. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find both qualities resounding through the music of Louisville’s Nick Peay.

Keith Chachkes, Hot Indie News

Nick Peay

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