Nick Peay

In The Studio Recording a New Record

To round off my awesome week of musical adventures, the band and I went to Al Fresco Place Recording Studio to begin recording a new studio record!

First of all, I love Al Fresco Place Studio. It’s one of the most laid back and comfortable studios I’ve been in. And Jeff Carpenter, the owner, engineer and more, is so great to work with.
The new studio album is called “Sobering.” It’s actually an older collection of songs and it’s getting a new life with the help of Jeff at Al Fresco Studio and the Kevin, Butch and John of the Nick Peay Band.

Nick Peay Band Recording at Al Fresco Place StudioThe album is a concept album and tells a story from start to finish. Well, I guess the story is more like start to finish to starting again.

The overall theme of the album is really that people can change for the better. Regardless of someone’s struggles, or vices, or whatever obstacle is in front of them, I believe that people can rise above and change and become a better person.

It’s not without sacrifice, and it’s not without losing some things along the way. But in the end, that end becomes a beginning. A way to start over.

Nick Peay Plays a Toy Piano on His New Album SoberingThe band really brought some life to these songs, and I think you’re really going to like the finished record. I’m so proud of it, and I’ve only heard the rough mixes! There’s some pretty great stuff on it, from Butch’s David-Gilmore-channeled-guitar-solos, to a slightly out of tune toy piano.

I’m hoping to get it finished soon and am planning on a June release date. Well, June / July… we’ll see.

But, in Butch’s words, “Sobering,” is on its way to “becoming a damn masterpiece!” And the band and I can’t wait to share it with you.