Nick Peay

Live From Your Living Room, From My Living Room

I host a monthly show called “Live From Your Living” on the last Thursday of every month. A new guest joins me every month on my couch to share some songs. The 45 minute show is streamed live via YouTube (previously StageIt) so anyone can watch it online, from their living, hence the name. The original title was “Live From My Living Room.” After the third email asking for my address, I changed it to “Your Living Room.

Nick & Champ - Live From Your Living Room

So, for 45 minutes my guest and I trade songs and talk briefly about the songs, or new releases. I try to make sure to plug the songwriter’s new releases, shows, etc. But it is essentially an intimate live show with two songwriters. In addition to streaming live on YouTube, I also set up some audio equipment to record the show.

After the live portion of the show, we have a more in depth discussion about how my guest got started as a musician and songwriter. We talk about songs, songwriting, playing shows, the music business and plenty of other stuff. The audio recording from the entire night goes up on iTunes as a podcast (you can subscribe here).

I started the show in July of 2014 when I got frustrated with the lack of listening rooms for songwriters in Louisville. Also, I wanted to be able to share more shows with audiences outside of where I live on a more regular basis. And I wanted to be able to play shows with some of my favorite local songwriters.

I’ve found it’s a really fun way to do a show! For example, my dog, Champ, is regularly my co-host. Meaning, he jumps on and off the couch while we’re playing, hangs out, sometimes falls asleep during songs (he loves when I play music and it usually puts him to sleep). For the people watching at home, it really is just like having a live concert in their living room.

As of 2015, I’ve started using YouTube to stream the show, which is great for so many reasons. The main one being that YouTube saves the videos on my YouTube channel so that anyone can go back and see a previous show.

So, set your calendars for the last Thursday of every month to join me and my guest for Live From Your Living Room and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get to know some awesome local songwriters!