Nick Peay

Re: freshing

I never really think of the new year as “starting over.” I still have projects left from last year that didn’t get finished. I can’t very well just leave them and start new projects. Well, I guess I do that anyway, but I still like to get things finished once I start them.

The new year for me is a time of reflection and planning. I like to think back on all the stuff I was able accomplished last year…

I released a new EP, “Spectres,” along with a greatest hits compilation record, which included songs from my side projects, OK Zombie and The Colours of Kings. The band and I played the Abbey Road on the River February ’64 event in February, the main festival in May and the October To Sir With Love tribute. I started a new job. I took up some new hobbies. I got an awesome wardrobe make-over from the amazing ladies at YB Plain. I spent lots of quality time with friends and family.

It was a pretty great year.

And this year? Well, I’ve got lots of things that I’d like to do already. Plans for music, shows, travel, health, friends and family. And of course, finishing unfinished projects.

The new year is a good reminder for me to stop and take a look at everything and refresh. Once the year gets rolling, I don’t often do that and I should. But at least for now, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.