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Hot Indie News “Sobering” Review

Singer/songwriter Nick Peay’s ‘Sobering’ is about just what you think it would be –  facing your demons and being honest with yourself on decisions and life choices. The result of his five-song EP is a strong showing of brave lyrics and great American rock and roll music beds.

In “Put This Bottle Down” the cool, electric guitar opening sounds just like a steel door slamming against a grand, solid oak bar. It reminded me of Steve Earle and his Americana-rock-country orchestrations. Peay’s voice is strong and could fall somewhere between John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty) or even one of the many vocalists at the helm of Foreigner over the years.


Nick Peay Comes to Grips with Sobering – Indie Music Review

From Louisville, Kentucky comes singer/songwriter is Nick Peay and this is his story of struggling with and coming to grips with addiction.

Opening with “Put This Bottle Down,” the mood is upbeat and too much hasn’t yet become too much for him. “Every Morning” is another uptempo song where he laments “I miss you every morning,” and a sense of loss is evident but not overwhelming. It’s on the third track, “I Won’t Fall in Love” where everything crashes headlong into itself. “First it’s last call, then we’re out of here/A belly full of thought and a head of beer/You might blur a little/I just might slur a little.” but it soon becomes evident Life has caught up unceremoniously and our narrator sounds ready to stop. “Ok baby, I think I’ve had enough. “ he offers with a tired sense of resignation.


“Sobering” Review on NeuFutur

The Sobering EP is a tremendously inspiring effort that marks the meteoric rise, bottoming out, and reclaiming of Nick’s life. With tracks including Put This Bottle Down, Every Morning, and Sobering, Peay is able to tell a story of lost love, coping mechanisms, and bundles these themes up in a stellar singer-songwriter style that is equal parts pop and rock. Put This Bottle Down is a quick-hitting introduction to Peay’s music; while the song concludes at the 2:30 mark, the theme continues into Every Morning. The frenetic energy that is exhibited here takes up hints of Soul Asylum and Counting Crows, but these five efforts possess a greater thematic cohesion than any album we’ve heard this year. Every Morning keeps things in the top gear, with punchy drums, insistent vocals, and sizzling guitar work that is sprinkled amongst the track.


Skope Magazine “Sobering” Review

Armed with a whole crew of talented musicians to bring his songs to life, solo-artist Nick Peay has released the Sobering EP just a little earlier this September into the world awaiting. Those looking for an authentic acoustic/rock sound in the spirit of bands or artists like Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Fray, Nick Drake, The Head And The Heart, Gin Blossoms…that kind of melodic-rock that sounds inviting and pulls you in easily through smooth-flowing verses and bright-choruses…if that’s you, then throw on some Nick Peay and dig on some sweet rhythms through this latest effort.


“Sobering” Review in Music Emissions

In a series of successive themed sets, Louisville experienced singer/songwriter Nick Peay is back again with a new EP,Sobering. Following a familiar tale of addiction and the complications of life resulting from it, the EP was essentially put together and shelved several years ago before Peay and his band dusted it off and brought it to the studio. With a narrative that portrays the broadness of the topic rather than bogging down in specification and an organically produced rock sound that meets somewhere between the early reflections of Neil Young and Bob Dylan with the alternative 90’s pop-leaning sound of Collective Soul and Fuel, Nick Peay and his band offer an impressive and impassioned musical story to take in. 


In The Studio Recording a New Record

To round off my awesome week of musical adventures, the band and I went to Al Fresco Place Recording Studio to begin recording a new studio record!

First of all, I love Al Fresco Place Studio. It’s one of the most laid back and comfortable studios I’ve been in. And Jeff Carpenter, the owner, engineer and more, is so great to work with.
The new studio album is called “Sobering.” It’s actually an older collection of songs and it’s getting a new life with the help of Jeff at Al Fresco Studio and the Kevin, Butch and John of the Nick Peay Band.


Live From Your Living Room Featuring Tender Mercy

The next musical adventure last week was my monthly couch concert series, Live From Your Living Room. This month I was excited to have Mark Kramer, of Tender Mercy, who just released a new album on cassette called, “Sacred Sphinx.”

I’ve always loved Mark’s musical style, his sparse, echoey chordings and reverby vocals. His new album, “Sacred Sphinx,” is fantastic. He played several songs from it during the live part of Live From Your Living Room. We ended up play about 50 minutes, which is a bit longer than usual, but I just love listen to Mark’s music.

After the live portion, we sat and talked about Mark’s background and songwriting style. I was really interested to know what led Mark to the sparseness of his songs. And I was totally surprised by the answer!

You can watch the live video from Live From Your Living Room below. Make sure to check out the full podcast at Live From Your Living Room or subscribe and download the podcast on iTunes.

South Gate House Revival Live Show

Holy cow, what a week! I’m so glad to be getting back into the swing of performing again. And last week had some great live shows, as well as some other exciting musical adventures!


This Week’s Performances

This week is going to be busy. I mean, very busy. But, I’m really excited about everything that’s going to happen this week.

Nick Peay performs at Southgate House RevivalIn order, tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th, I’ll be heading up to Newport, Kentucky to perform at the Southgate House Revival. I’ll be in the Lounge starting at 9:30 pm. It’s free to go into the Lounge. Here’s the event on Facebook.

Thursday is the March Live From Your Living Room show, featuring Mark Kramer of Tender Mercy. Mark and I will start at 8pm and will perform songs live from my living room for about 45 minutes. You can watch the live show here. After the live broadcast, Mark and I will talk about how he got started, how he approaches songwriting and more. The live show with the additional discussion will be posted as a podcast on iTunes by next week.

Then on Saturday, the band and I will be heading into the studio to begin recording a new album called “Sobering.” It’s a concept album (imagine that, me writing a themed album) that tells a story throughout the entire album. That is scheduled to be released sometime this summer.

Also on Saturday, I’ll perform at The Bard’s Town with my friends of By The Bushel. The show starts at 8pm and will be in the lounge downstairs. It’s a free show and it’s family friendly! Check out the event on Facebook.

Lots more big stuff to come, so stay tuned!

Tender Mercy

Live From Your Living Room Featuring Mark Kramer of Tender Mercy

Tender Mercy‘s 5-song EP Sacred Sphinx follows up on his 2014 debut of the same length. His milieu hasn’t changed a bit: it’s still Mark Kramer’s forlorn voice, a gently plucked guitar, tape hiss, and reverb.

Get Sacred Sphinx here.