Nick Peay

Live From Your Living Room Featuring Tender Mercy

The next musical adventure last week was my monthly couch concert series, Live From Your Living Room. This month I was excited to have Mark Kramer, of Tender Mercy, who just released a new album on cassette called, “Sacred Sphinx.”

I’ve always loved Mark’s musical style, his sparse, echoey chordings and reverby vocals. His new album, “Sacred Sphinx,” is fantastic. He played several songs from it during the live part of Live From Your Living Room. We ended up play about 50 minutes, which is a bit longer than usual, but I just love listen to Mark’s music.

After the live portion, we sat and talked about Mark’s background and songwriting style. I was really interested to know what led Mark to the sparseness of his songs. And I was totally surprised by the answer!

You can watch the live video from Live From Your Living Room below. Make sure to check out the full podcast at Live From Your Living Room or subscribe and download the podcast on iTunes.